Astral Magik


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Astral Magik. A 3D t-shirt from Dimension Tee online store.
Men sizing chart - Asian to US sizes
Women sizing chart - Asian to US sizes.
A skull full of life...
Lifted in the astral as a part of a spell.
Words muttered in incomprehensible speed...
By mouths that have no tongues.
Lips that move...
Only if you dream of movement.

The Astral plane is a world of energy rather than physical matter made of vibrations of light and color, where most physical beings go after death and before reincarnating. We also visit it every time we fall asleep, at one stage or another. It is also full of astral beings and is hundreds of times larger and more beautiful and joyous than the physical world - or a place of gruesome experiences. Because it depends on the state of mind that you are, see? :) 

Visitors to the astral world dwell there for a longer or shorter period in accordance with their level of awareness, which might draw them back to Earth within a specified time. Beings with unredeemed earthly karma are not permitted after astral death to go to the high causal sphere of cosmic ideas, but must shuttle to and fro from the physical and astral worlds only.

Important: Please refer to the Men/Women Size Charts on the left for more detailed information before ordering your t-shirt. We are currently selling Asian sizes as our production partners are based in mainland China. What does that mean?  

Well, for example - let’s say you are a man from the US and your size is 44/36-37. This is equal to 2XL or XXL at our store. The same normally goes for women. Usually, the size difference would be 1-2 sizes between the US and Asian size measurements. Pay attention to this when ordering from us - in this way we can provide as smooth as possible customer experience. Thank you!

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Please allow 12 - 20 days for delivery.

  • Material: Lycra, Polyester
  • Collar: O-Neck
  • Print: 3D t-shirt
  • Fabric Type: Broadcloth

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