Barren Worlds


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Barren Worlds
Barren Worlds
Barren Worlds

 One day...

A Deer woke up from its long sleep and went out exploring the Territory of What Was Left. It was everything that there was after the two-legged creatures that hunted and prayed down on him and his ancestors had left. They had really left. There was not a single humanoid to be seen, felt or smelled for miles. They had suddenly gone somewhere else, off with their traffic, noise, air and light pollution. What Was Left was the thousands of square miles of devastated forests, springs and oceans full of plastic. At least he knew what he had to do know - he had the knowledge deep inside in his own being to see it all grow again. To refresh memories buried deep inside his DNA-structures. So he took a step back, drove his antlers into the mud that was beneath him, and he started the Process...

But where could they have gone? A theory about singularity suggests that what could happen is that after our technological adolescent and expansionist explorations, we turn from outer space to inner space ... our journey undergoes S.T.E.M. compression, the compression of Space, Time, Energy, and Matter- until nonbiological minds live inside virtual worlds at the nano and femto scale, further compressing complexity until we create black hole-like conditions and disappear from the visible universe. 

Sounds terrifying, but let it happen! :) 

Did you know? - Those wonderful animals begin to develop their branched antler in the third year. This process of losing a set of antlers to develop a larger and more branched set continues for the rest of the life. The antlers emerge as soft tissues (known as velvet antlers) and progressively harden into bony structures (known as hard antlers), following mineralization and blockage of blood vessels in the tissue. 

Antlers can be a signal of genetic quality; males with larger antlers relative to body size tend to have increased resistance to pathogens and higher reproductive capacity. So probably the story at the beginning of the description could well turn out to be true...

At least in some sense :) 

Material: Polyester, Spandex

Collar: O-neck

Fabric Type: Broadcloth

Print: 3D t-shirt

Collection: Wildlings

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Dimensiontee 2018.

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