The Dreamer


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The Dreamer. A 3D t-shirt from Dimension Tee.
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The Dreamer

There are so many dreams to be dreamt …

And many that have already been dreamt. Dreams that have been fulfilled and dreams that have been forgotten. Immediately after waking up. And dreams that seemed too big, or way too unachievable for us, and we got scared, or felt too small for them. And then we took the choice to forget them. To lay a thick blanket of thoughts and petty worries on top and to pretend that they never even were there in the first place. But the ones amongst us that are brave enough, that dare to face and stand up to their dreams - they are at that very moment - immortal. Because as a wise man once said - A man is as big as his dreams are.

In the spirit of Carl Jung - we have to face our Shadow. Integrate it through experience. Only then can we be fulfilled.

Look at this guy now. He dares. He dreams with his eyes open. Right now, at this moment, time stands still for him. Because he is as huge as his dreams.

There is no stopping him now.

Important: Please refer to the Men/Women Size Charts on the left for more detailed information before ordering your t-shirt. We are currently selling Asian sizes as our production partners are based in mainland China. What does that mean?  

Well, for example - let’s say you are a man from the US and your size is 44/36-37. This is equal to 2XL or XXL at our store. The same normally goes for women. Usually, the size difference would be 1-2 sizes between the US and Asian size measurements. Pay attention to this when ordering from us - in this way we can provide as smooth as possible customer experience. Thank you!

The Material: Polyester, Cotton

The Collar: O-neck

The Print: 3D t-shirt

Shipping to the US is now free and the delivery process usually takes about from 12 to 20 days. 


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